Looking Ahead to Exciting 2020 Kitchen Trends

Posted January 29, 2020 by Katlyn Droke

Is 2020 finally the time for your dream kitchen to become a reality? Here are the trends that are taking over 2020 — take a look before finalizing your plans. Here are the 8 trends you need to know: 

White cabinets with a bold tile backsplash in a 2020 kitchen.
From bold backsplashes to eye-catching islands, we’re looking ahead to the best 2020 kitchen trends.

1) Making A Statement With Big, Bold Backsplashes

Forget about backsplashes that hide between wall and base cabinets: imagine a backsplash that extends up the wall, all the way up to the ceiling. These ‘ceiling-height’ backsplashes are becoming feature walls in kitchen styles, and they’re often being used to provide a cohesive background that makes the kitchen feel more connected rather than piecemeal. Big and bold backsplashes can also help those special or custom range hood styles pop.

Elegant kitchen island in a white and grey European-style kitchen.
In 2020, kitchen islands are making a statement.

2) All Eyes Are On The Islands

Data shows that homeowners are really loving their islands. They’re beginning to treat their islands like a center-stage showpiece rather than just another component of the overall look. The islands of 2020 kitchens are being built to stand out. They may have a different cabinet color or style; they may choose to have a different, contrasting countertop; or they may even recycle old cabinets to give the island old-world appeal to offset new cabinetry on the surrounding walls and bases. 

Black and white transitional kitchen with white cabinets, black island, and exposed ceiling beams.
Modern or traditional? Transitional kitchens combine the best of both worlds! Image from Sebring

3) “Transitional” Tops The Style Chart

Transitional, followed closely by contemporary, is leading the way in preferred kitchen style. Like the name implies, this style is an ‘in-between’ stage of two other styles, typically traditional and contemporary. It’s popular for taking the best of both worlds and artfully weaving them together for one-of-a-kind kitchen looks. The ‘rules’ of both styles are thrown out the window and up for interpretation by the homeowner. Many use this style to incorporate a contemporary kitchen into a classic, older home. Imagine the exposed beams of an older home with glossy modern cabinets. Or classic white cabinets with dark (bronze or black) modern fixtures like range hoods, pendant lights, cup pulls, and faucets

White cabinets with blue backsplash in a coastal kitchen.
Find out why white cabinets are still in the lead. Image from Coastal Living

4) White Cabinets Are Winning

The data shows that homeowners are still choosing white cabinets over other colors by a wide margin, but grey and multicolored styles are coming in hot. White cabinets are likely so popular because they offer an adaptable background that can change as a homeowner’s style changes. BUT there’s a key thing to note with this white cabinet trend: color dominates all the other components of the kitchen. Gone are totally white kitchens. Now, the cabinets remain white to let the rest of the kitchen shine. Read more about how to add pops of color to your kitchen.

White shaker-style cabinets with white countertops and grey backsplash.
Shaker cabinets are staying strong in 2020 kitchens.

5) Shakers Are Still Shaking Things Up

The simple yet elegant look of shaker cabinets remains THE cabinet style to have. The five piece door is easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that cabinets look just as new as the day you got them. The smooth, simple design easily works with any design style, allowing any homeowner to change the overall look-and-feel of their kitchens on a whim. 

Kitchen island with white cabinets against white countertops.
In 2020, kitchen islands are pulling their weight. Read about how to make the most of your island this year.

6) Appliances Find New Homes In Islands

Appliances are coming off the wall and moving into the island — microwaves, dishwashers, cooktops, and even garbage disposals. At first, it was the brave stovetop making its way onto the island for maximum cooking efficiency, and now other appliances are finding their way there for the same reason. More cooks in the kitchen can reach more appliances when they’re more accessible in the center. Just keep in mind: this trend does have electrical considerations (aka, more work for a contractor). 

Lift mix and other kitchen organizer accessories.
Make your kitchen easier to navigate with handy accessories like this lifter mix.

7) This Is The Golden Age Of Organization

There has been a lot of movement and innovation in the kitchen organization space, and we love helping homeowners cut through the clutter with unique storage solutions. We’re talking more than just spice racks. Under-mounted mixer lifts hide those bulky machines inside a base cabinet when not in use, while also preserving valuable countertop space. Likewise, shelf hangers use all available ‘air space’ inside cabinets. Baseboards under base cabinets are being replaced by rolling drawers, and the list goes on! Want to learn about more kitchen organization items? Read all about it here.

8) Unique Knobs And Pulls

Previously overlooked as a boring accessory, homeowners are using knobs and pulls to spice up cabinets. Some are even forgoing knobs and pulls entirely with cabinet doors that have a tapered edge for fingers to pull on. These days, knobs and pulls come in all shapes and sizes, and there are a myriad of options to choose from (but don’t let that overwhelm you—we have a handy kitchen hardware guide here). So let your imagination run wild! Start thinking about how these small pieces of hardware can make your cabinetry stand out.

Those were the 8 trends that we’re looking forward to in 2020 so far, but there are sure to be more that pop up. So stay tuned to our Instagram for exciting updates in the kitchen and bath design world.