Inspiring Spaces: Take a Tour of Design Blogger Cassie Bustamante’s Kitchen

Posted January 15, 2020 by Katlyn Droke

Every kitchen we help craft feels like a unique piece of art. With our free 3D design services, quality selection, and affordable pricing, it’s our goal to bring your dream kitchen to life. That’s why we were thrilled to work with Cassie Bustamante, who runs a blog dedicated to living big without spending big through lifestyle, home design, and DIY. While fixing up a 1966 rancher, Cassie came to Cabinets To Go for kitchen advice. We were more than happy to help. Read on to see how we brought Cassie’s dream kitchen to life!

Dream kitchen storage: Malibu White cabinets in blogger Cassie Bustamante's kitchen.
Blogger Cassie Bustamante’s kitchen features floor-to-ceiling white cabinets for optimal storage space.

The Wish List

To start, Cassie had a few specific criteria:

  • White shaker cabinets that worked with several kitchen styles including traditional, cottage, and modern.
  • Spacious pantry cabinets for storage options that met every family member’s needs.
  • Unique cabinet spaces for features that maximized organization and efficiency like a Lazy Susan and a pull-out trash can.

Overall, her goal was to find elements like cabinetry and flooring that fit into her design dreams and her budget. In other words, she needed cabinets and floors that looked custom without the custom price tag!

Cassie Bustamante kitchen decor featuring farmhouse bronzes kitchen sink.
The kitchen decor showcases this home blogger’s personal style.

Dreaming Up the Perfect Kitchen

Cassie’s journey to a new kitchen began by drafting several design plans to define the overall look and feel of her dream space. The look she designed can be described as ‘Timeless, Modern, & Organic.’ This incorporated features like soft white cabinets, open shelving, hardwood in a light natural stain, and a show-stopping brass sink.

Following the solidification of her final plan, her next step was visiting a Cabinets To Go showroom. Here, she discovered the shaker-style cabinets she’d been dreaming of.

I looked around the showroom and my decision was solidified. I absolutely loved the Malibu White Shaker cabinets. They are the perfect shade of white, and featured the stylistic details I had wanted

Designing with the Kitchen Experts

Our kitchen design experts then planned out Cassie’s kitchen in 3D. Cabinets To Go offers free 3D kitchen designs to help customers visualize the potential of their space. When browsing in a showroom, it can be hard to envision what certain pieces might look like in your home. A 3D render can help you visual your new kitchen in a more concrete way. In Cassie’s case, this design step helped her plan out a small but important detail in her kitchen design: a cabinet-less space to place her dogs’ food and water bowls. 

With the plan we had for our layout, they had every piece we needed, including pantry cabinets, apron sink bases, wide drawers instead of lower cabinets, and a trash can drawer.”

White oak hardwood flooring with Cassie Bustamante's white kitchen cabinets.
White oak hardwood flooring matched Cassie’s white kitchen cabinets.

Cassie’s Favorite Flooring

Next up was the flooring, which Cassie and her family also viewed at the showroom. Selecting pieces that matched her design scheme, Cassie brought a few samples home. This home blogger makes ethically conscious consumption a top priority in her renovations, and her selection of flooring was no exception. Cassie was after sustainable flooring option that would last for many years. Ultimately, she chose a white oak hardwood that perfectly fit both her values and tastes.

With the white cabinets and terrazzo countertops […], wood flooring was the perfect element to bring in that natural vibe I want throughout my home. I was thrilled that Cabinets to Go offered wood flooring options that are eco-friendly and come from responsibly maintained forests.”

Cassie Bustamante's white kitchen cabinets with hardwood floor and personalized kitchen decor.
Cassie tied together her Mid-Century ranch kitchen with a few darling decor pieces.

Dream Kitchen Come to Life

After a few other finishing touches to bring it all together, Cassie’s kitchen was essentially finished — all she had to do was move-in and start enjoying her new space. You can read more about Cassie’s kitchen journey on her blog. Ultimately, Cassie’s kitchen is just one of many examples of kitchen visions we’ve helped bring to life. Is yours next?