Holiday Hacks: Make Holiday Entertaining a Breeze

Posted December 18, 2019 by Katlyn Droke

It’s THAT time of year again. With so many holiday events and such little time, it can be hectic trying to get everything ready. You get ready for one event and then the next one is right around the corner. Add in seasonal traveling, school, work, and more, and everything just piles on! That’s why we’ve wrangled up some holiday hacks to make your season much more bright. 

Artificial Christmas trees are great for Christmas Decorations and easy home decor.
Looking for quick and simple holiday decorations? Artificial trees make great holiday decor additions.

#1. Faux Evergreen Trees

One way to hack your way through the holidays is to use decor that can be altered to match the holiday you’re currently facing. A beautiful, small-to-mid-sized faux evergreen can easily transition a fall Thanksgiving space to a more wintery one. Plus, you won’t have to water it. 

#2. Wrap Picture Frames

No matter the holiday, you can find appropriate wrapping paper that will suit any holiday. Get creative and let your imagination wander. For example, wrap picture frames to look like presents for the gift-giving holidays. Your beloved picture frames will just get a new look for a month or two, and can be easily reverted back to your main decor. 

#3. Bring Out the Mini-Fridge

Holiday entertaining means more food, drinks, snacks, hors d’oeuvres, and leftovers, which can fill up your main fridge fast. Try getting a mini-fridge that can serve as your holiday-focused reservoir for feasting and food prep. Plus, you can decorate it for each holiday and keep guests out of your main fridge. 

Gold framed chalkboard as DIY holiday decor/ kitchen holiday decor.
DIY holiday decor doesn’t have to be a chore. A simple chalkboard can help you get organized for the holiday rush.

#4. Make the Most of Your Space

Getting more organized can make a huge difference in holiday entertaining. Have a lot of moving pieces to keep track of? With your kitchen as your war-room, you might want to incorporate a chalkboard, whiteboard, or some kind of space for planning and keeping tabs on things. Have a lot to cook at one time? Cook more in your oven by using metal cooling racks to add more tiers. Have a lot of things to store in cabinets? Use kitchen organizers to add more space for those holiday dishes or tupperware.

#5. Make a Photo Booth

If you don’t want to decorate the whole house, but still want to carve out a festive space, try creating a “photo booth” wall. Set up a camera and and a box of holiday props (like Santa hats for Christmas or bunny ears for Easter) against a blank wall. With the holiday season being at the end of the year, a creative, home-grown photo booth is sure to be the highlight of the season.

Spiced cider holiday drink for Christmas decorating party.
Want to throw a holiday decorating party? Set out some festive drinks and snack and call up a few friends!

#6. Make Decorating a Fun Event

Why decorate alone? Invite over friends and family to get your home holiday-ready. Set out fun drinks—alcoholic or not—and snacks to munch on while you all hang decor, trim a tree, or hang lights. It won’t feel like work when it feels like a party instead!

#7. Go as ‘PreMade’ as Possible

DIY can take time, so there’s no shame in finding or buying easy-to-implement decor or entertaining elements. Don’t spend hours putting together holiday music playlists when a quick Google search can bring up pre-made ones. Likewise, don’t spend hours making things from scratch if no one can tell the difference between homemade and store-bought varieties. Ignore anything that says “Some Assembly Required” and enjoy your holidays in less steps. 

Want to make cute Christmas appetizers or holiday desserts for a crowd? Save yourself time by baking easy holiday recipes with longer shelf-lives.
Baking holiday desserts for a crowd? Choose desserts (and holiday appetizers) with longer shelf-lives to save yourself some last-minute prep.

#8. Choose Desserts and Snacks with Long Shelf-lives

Half the frenzy of holiday entertaining is trying to get all the food ready for the big day, which often requires a whole lot of cooking the day before. Cut yourself some slack by choosing food options that don’t HAVE to be baked or prepared so soon before the big event. Cookies, for example, have a longer shelf-life than most foods and can be made days before. When it comes to snack trays, certain cheeses and veggies can also hold out for several days without losing their firmness or flavor. 

Want more holiday tips? Check out our blog on easy decoration ideas. Whether you use these ideas or others, you’re sure to enjoy a more stress-free holiday with family and friends.