9 Ways to Decorate Your Kitchen for The Holiday Season

Posted December 10, 2019 by Katlyn Droke

The days are getting shorter; the weather is growing colder; and the end of the year is getting nearer! As the season changes, you can just feel the holiday spirit take root! Make the most of the season with these sure-fire ways to create a space worth celebrating in:

From Christmas kitchen decor like Christmas curtains to Christmas recipes like hot cocoa, we'll help your kitchen be holiday ready!
Follow these holiday kitchen decor ideas to fill your home with comfort and cheer!

Stay Warm!

Hot Drink Station:

You never know when you’ll need to warm up with a hot drink. Creating a ready-to-go drink station is a great way to get warm quick. It’s also a really festive way to decorate for the holidays. With your hot drink ready to go, you’ll fight back the cold in just a few minutes.

  • You’ll Need: A space on your countertop for a decorative tray with festive storage containers holding holiday-flavored tea, hot cocoa, coffee, a few mugs, and any special toppings you like (e.g. marshmallows!). The method of heating is up to you, but an electric water heater can be prepped and plugged in for immediate heating. 

Bundle Up:

Add some softness and warmth to your kitchen! Festive pillows, chair/bench cushions, and small quilts are great for staying warm in the kitchen. This is also ideal for those family members and guests who just can’t seem to stay warm in the winter–no matter what temperature it is inside!

  • You’ll Need: If you don’t already have festive pillows, cushions, or quilts, then it may require a shopping trip — but it’s well worth the added warmth! Want to make your space comfy for guests of all ages?Also check out our design ideas for a family friendly kitchen.

Warmer Windows:

Big, beautiful windows are great in the summertime but not so great for the chill of winter. Want to prevent heat loss from your windows? Consider getting a two-for-one special by swapping out window curtains for thicker, warmer, and more festive versions that double as holiday decor. 

  • You’ll Need: Pick your favorite way to warm up windows in your home and kitchen. Whether you add thicker curtains or apply a frosty film directly to your window, insulating is great for both your comfort and for the planet.

DIY holiday stovetop potpourri.
Make your kitchen smell cozy and sweet with a DIY stovetop potpourri.

Get Cozy!

Seasonal Scents:

Don’t have time to bake fresh gingerbread? Your kitchen can still smell cozy and sweet! One of the best ways to get a nice, authentic scent without burning candles is to make your own stovetop potpourri. Combine warm spices with citrus for the ultimate festive fragrance.

  • You’ll Need: A mix of your favorite seasonal scents (like cinnamon, nutmeg, cranberries, oranges slices, etc.), a hot plate (or stovetop), and a pot with water for simmering.

String Lighting:

Hanging up a strand or two of holiday lights can bring the festive outdoor lightshow indoors. Imagine enjoying a cozy dinner under the starry holiday lights instead of your standard, very bright kitchen lighting. 

  • You’ll Need: Repurpose those holiday light strands into kitchen decor. For example, you can hang them on cabinet tops or under the edges of countertops.

Nature on Display:

One of the easiest ways to make your home more seasonal for entertaining and impressing guests is to bring in some of Mother Nature’s natural seasonal changes.

  • You’ll Need: Evergreen clippings can be placed in a vase or other similar container. Winter flowers can be plucked and put on display. Poinsettias can add color to drab winter wreaths. 

Need Christmas decor ideas? These Christmas kitchen accessories and Christmas recipes will make your space feel like home!
Savor the season with these holiday kitchen accessories, recipes, and tips.

Enjoy Company!

Make-Your-Own Snow Cream:

Making snow cream is already a family tradition for many because it’s a great way to get everyone together. Don’t worry if you don’t get snow in your neck of the woods; it’s still possible to make your own snow with crushed ice. 

  • You’ll Need: Snow (or crushed ice), condensed milk, vanilla flavoring, and your flavors of choice (like strawberry or blueberry).  

Festive Nibbling:

This time of year is sure to bring many guests over on a regular basis, so it’s a good idea to consider how to keep the munchies at bay. Nibbling is also great for fostering conversations and making your guests feel more at home in your space. 

  • You’ll Need: Decorative trays and dishes for a festive fanfare of foods to nibble on, like nuts, dried fruits, crackers, and fancy cheeses. 

Fluffy Socks or Slippers:

Keep a few sets of festive slippers or fluffy socks nearby to help your family and guests get comfy in the kitchen. Whether you tend to go barefoot or wear shoes in your home, swapping out your normal pedal attire can be a nice change of pace. Invite guests to pick out their favorite pair and get cozy (maybe something to match their looks at the ugly sweater party.)

  • You’ll Need: Festive seasonal slippers and fluffy socks in a set of different sizes that you can keep in the kitchen or by the door for easy changing. 

Looking for more seasonal tips? Check out our blog on holiday entertaining. Here’s hoping you have a happy holiday from Cabinets To Go!