Treat Yourself to a Thanksgiving-ready Kitchen

Posted November 15, 2019 by Katlyn Droke

Turkey time is near — it’s time to get your kitchen ready for the fall festivities. But the hardest part about getting ready for the holidays at this time of year is how busy we all seem to be. Work, school, sports, clubs, and more are all in full swing and making you run from one to another. You almost need another set of hands… or how about a to-do list of ideas from the experts at Cabinets To Go? We’ve made a Thanksgiving to-do list that’ll get you ready in no time. Now all you have to do is pick out the hacks you need this year from this quick list:

  • Protect precious countertops from guests with butcher paper. The normally plain paper can be laid out like a table runner and spiced up with Mother Nature’s natural decor.
  • Bring nature indoors for natural, elegant decor. Carefully selected fall leaves, bark, pinecones, or acorns can add an authentic feel to store-bought Thanksgiving decor. 
  • Pumpkins are still in style at this time of year and are likely to be on sale now that Halloween’s over: snatch up a colorful assortment for Earthy, heritage-style decor. 
  • Cut and arrange evergreen fall foliage in vases. If you don’t have time to find the perfect greenhouse flowers at the store, go outside and cut samples of evergreen trees and plants. Evergreen is a trendy color this year, and it’ll have an ultra-natural look to your space. 
Image from Gardenista
  • Borrow a string of lights from other holiday decorations to add some sparkle to your kitchen. Something as simple as extra lighting shows guest you went the extra mile, while also bringing out the beauty of fall colors.
  • Go ahead: eat dessert first. While everyone’s waiting for turkey time, keep hangry guests happy and bored children entertained with paintable sugar cookies. Pre-baked cookies offer the perfect canvas for food-coloring watercolor masterpieces. 
  • Don’t worry about finding the perfect outfit for entertaining: get cozy in your robe. Other holidays have costumes or ugly sweater parties, so start a new Thanksgiving tradition by having guests B.Y.O.R. — bring your own robe. Everyone’s comfortable, cozy, and happy. 
  • Make a pine-cone wreath to showcase what you’re thankful for. A little glue and a decent pile of pinecones can be combined to create a wreath that’s perfect for holding little messages on strips of paper. 
  • Make your own decor by temporarily repurposing family picture frames with festive print-outs. For decor that’s quick to make but doesn’t look cheap, find Thanksgiving-style artwork online to print, frame, and then arrange around the kitchen space. 
  • Keep the Earthy vibe going by painting rocks in fall colors. Rock painting is all the rage these days, and you can use the beautiful golds, whites, browns, and greens of fall to bring out their natural beauty.
  • Make seasonal candle holders out of cinnamon sticks or cleaned-up twigs from the outdoors. Dress up plain old candles with a wreath of cinnamon sticks, which will also smell great as the candle warms up. But don’t worry if you don’t have cinnamon, cut-and-cleaned twigs can add a woodsy, artistic feel as well. 
  • Use Thanksgiving style spices to make rooms smell nice if you’re not doing any cooking. When you can’t rely on baking turkeys or roasting vegetables to make your kitchen smell nice, simmer seasonal spices on the stove in water to release their natural scents. (No need to buy candles!)

These carefully curated ideas are just a handful of the ones that we found to be eye-catching and memorable this season. And we always love to see what ideas our customers come up with: tag us in social posts to show off your decked out kitchens and how you got ready for the holidays.