Kitchen Shelving Hacks: How to Get Better Organized, Faster

Posted November 15, 2019 by Katlyn Droke

There really is an art to organization. Luckily, our kitchen experts have searched far and wide to find the very best in convenient, space-saving drawers and shelving. Check out these handy hacks for a more organized kitchen.

Pull-out spice rack for easy kitchen storage.
Keep your favorite spices at arm’s reach with a pull-out spice cabinet. Image from HGTV

Upgrade Your Spice Collection with Specialized Spice Racks

Whether you want your spices in a drawer, on a door, or in an entire pull-out cabinet, we have the perfect spice rack for you. There are so many different options that you can have your most used spices within reach at all times, while still organizing the rest somewhere else. So go ahead: buy all the spices you want. You’ve got the room now.

Image from Rev-A-Shelf

Take Back Your Counter Space from Countertop Appliances with a Mixer Lift:

Mixers are lovely kitchen tools to have, but most homeowners can’t claim to use them every single day. As a result, they tend to take up a lot of space on the counter that can be used for other, more immediate needs. Imagine sweeping it away off the counter and whisking it back up when needed. That’s possible with the clever organization tool called a Mixer Lift. And don’t let the name restrict what you can use it for — with this handy device, you can store anything heavy, bulky, and in-the-way. This lift is great for keeping blenders, fryers, slow cookers, and more out of the way.

Pull-out waste baskets for kitchen organization in dark drawers.
Keep your food scraps out of sight with a pull-out waste basket.

Hide Trash with Pull-out Wastebaskets:

Trash cans are often overlooked in kitchen design (because who wants to think about trash when designing a beautiful kitchen), but they should be a consideration when it comes to cabinetry. Most homeowners are happiest when hiding trash behind closed doors, and base cabinets are a popular place to put them. Luckily, there is a convenient and easy cabinet organizer that does just the trick. A pull-out wastebasket allows unsightly trash be stored away — out of reach, out of sight, out of mind — so that curious guests, kids, or pets don’t get themselves into a stinky mess. These drawers are also great for eco-conscious kitchen owners hoping set up convenient recycling stations.

Charging Drawer, a drawer with a built-in power strip, set into white cabinets.
Power up your devices while you whip up dinner with a Charging Drawer. Image from Rev-A-Shelf

Hide Wires from Electronic Devices with a Charging Drawer:

Kitchens these days have really become a homebase for the family’s electronic devices, like cell phones, tablets, smart home devices, and more. All that comes with a price — a mess of wires taking up space. Those wires get in the way, they get food and liquids spilled on them, they get tangled up, and just look unappealing. There’s a quick fix to that: the Charging Drawer. Power up a kitchen cabinet drawer, and you can stash all those wires and devices away until needed. This feature is great for creating a family friendly kitchen.

Roll out trays in HGTV home.
Roll-out trays make kitchen supplies accessible. Image from HGTV

Stop Diving into Deep Cabinets for Hard to Reach Items with Roll Out Trays:

Doesn’t it always seem like the item you need is in the BACK of the cabinet, behind all the other clutter? With a roll-out tray, you need only lift a couple of fingers to get that sought-after item. This simple installment is a game-changer, especially for homeowners who have difficulty bending, reaching, or climbing into cabinets to get things. We’ve even seen some crafty homeowners carve out baseboard space with roll-out trays to get even more room to store things in their kitchens.

A Tambour Table used for extra baking space in kitchen.
Pull-out Tambour Tables are perfect those in need of extra counter space. Image from Rev-A-Shelf

Get Even More Counter Space with a Pull-out Tambour Table:

Not everyone has enough space in their house for a massive kitchen with endless countertop space. Working with small spaces is one of our specialties, and this hack is one of those tricks we love to making the most out of a small space. Imagine being able to pull more countertop space out of a cabinet. That’s possible with a Tambour Table, which can add 3 feet of space. It does take the place of a small pull-out drawer, but it is magical to be able to make an entire peninsula of counter space when you need it (and put it back when you don’t).

Work smarter, not harder with all of these organizational life hacks for your kitchen. Don’t forget to stop by your local Cabinets To Go showrooms. Your kitchen design expert will be happy to hear out you organizational needs and direct you to the appropriate storage items. You’ll also be able to see some of these space-saving features in action!

Want more handy tips? Read our blog about maximizing storage space in your kitchen, then check in next week for our newest Sunday Style. See you then!