Kitchen Hacks for Home Bakers

Posted November 6, 2019 by Elise Le Sage

Love dishing up tasty treats? Baking is a blast, but it can leave you with a messy kitchen.  

Get the most out of your space with these 7 kitchen hacks.  

A white and silver mixer on top of a mixer lift pulled out from the cabinets.
Avoid taking up space with bulky items like a mixer when you can gain more space when adding a mixer lift.

Save space with a mixer lift 

Mixers can take up a lot of counter space and are difficult to get in and out of storage. If you bake often, this heavy-duty mixer lift can be a real life saver. Soft-closing, it can hold up to 60 lbs. Perfect for big-batch baking! 

A person polishing their sink with flour. Flour is all in sink while person is shaking it into the sink.
Polishing the sink with flour can make it look more presentable, just make sure not to put the flour down the sink since it will cause a clogged sink.
Image: Kitchn

Use flour to polish stainless steel sinks 

Stainless steel sinks are popular for their sleekness and durability. Keep your sink shining with by polishing it with flour. The process is simple—just make sure your sink is dry, then take a clean rag, ¼ cup of flour, and scrub! Make sure you wipe it away with another dry towel; trying to rinse it could earn you a clogged sink.  

A pulled out rack of spices.
Organize your spices to make them easier to use and find.

Declutter with a pull-out spice rack 

Need a dash of nutmeg or a pinch of cinnamon? Pull-out spice racks are great for keeping your baking essentials organized and out of the way. They also display all your spices, meaning you won’t have to dig through your pantry to find the right ingredient.  

A kitchen with a green dutch oven on the stove with seasonings and knives on navy cabinets with flat round knobs and pulls.
Remind yourself of the yummy goodies you make by cooking vanilla for the scent to make your home smell delicious and cozy.
Image: Apartment Therapy

Keep your kitchen smelling sweet 

Wish you could get that fresh-baked cookie smell to linger a little longer? Try pouring a teaspoon or two of vanilla extract onto an oven-safe dish and heating at 300 degrees. Your kitchen will smell delectable even when nothing is baking. 

A sink with cabinets that have tip out trays for sponges and cleaning tools.
Avoid having to clean twice because of a moldy sponge and use a pull out tray in your cabinets to avoid a bacteria ridden sponges.

Tip-out trays make clean-up easier 

Sponges left on wet counter tops—or worse, in the sink itself—invite bacteria growth. Sink front tip-out trays make it easy to keep scouring pads and sponges both sanitary and out of sight. Don’t finish off a good baking session with messy, moldy clean-up. Keep those sponges clean with a convenient tip-out tray.  

A persons hand pouring baking soda into the drain of a sink to prevent clogging.
Clear up your pipes with baking soda and prevent any clogging.
Image: Today

Avoid sink clogs with baking soda 

Baking soda isn’t just for pastries. Pour a little down the drain, followed by boiling water, to nix odor and clear up the pipes. Note that this is a preventative measure, so it should not be used in lieu of drain cleaner for an already clogged sink.  

A cookie cutter pull out tray that is an oak color.
Roll-out trays provide a great opportunity to keep all your small kitchen items organized like cookie cutters.

Store cookie cutters in a roll-out tray 

Are you a cookie craftsman? Store all your cookie cutters in one place with a handy-dandy roll-out tray. Soft-gliding for easy access, this roll-out tray can store a variety of kitchen items, but, of course, we all know cookies take precedence.   

We hope these hacks help you bake with ease. Visit one of our showrooms to pick up these convenient kitchen additions. Happy baking!