Making Your Kitchen Pull Double-Duty: Ideas for How to Get the Most Out of Your Kitchen

Posted October 30, 2019 by Katlyn Droke

Life is busy and it revolves around a centerpoint in the home: the kitchen. They’re not just for cooking! We don’t just eat there, we gather, work, study, craft and so much more. It’s a ‘flex’ room – something with a blank canvas that can adjust to meet your current need. This is especially important for smaller homes, where the kitchen must double as other types of spaces. Whatever the reason, let’s think about your kitchen in a whole new way. 

Make the most of your favorite kitchen space with these non-traditional tasks:

Family sitting at the kitchen table talking and working on homework.
Kitchens are the new office, that provide a distraction free environment, have convenience for meal prep, and being in the go.
Image: Effective Child Therapy


Most kitchens can provide a distraction-free space for students who need to get homework or projects done. No TVs, no cellphones, no worries. It’s also the best ‘homebase’ for sending the kids off to school, as it’s usually near a high traffic exit. Their lunchboxes and backpacks are ready to go right after breakfast – just in time for the school bus. 

Taupe wall kitchen with white furniture and crafts on the table.
Kitchens are for more than just making food you can make crafts too.
Image: Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly


Sometimes the best space for spreading out is your kitchen island or counter. Countertops that are made for rough and tough baking can easily handle the messily fun chaos of crafting. This also includes any class projects the kids might bring home, from paper mache volcanoes to styrofoam solar systems. Why mess up another room in the house when your kitchen is made for the job and goes unused? 

Kitchen with white and oak colored cabinets, tables, and chairs. Laptop and decorations spread over the furniture.
Have to juggle work and family? Say no more to sacrificing family when you can have it all right in your own kitchen.


Step out of the office and join the rest of the family by turning a kitchen bar or island into a mobile, temporary office. You can keep getting work done while still being a part of the household. It’s also a nice compromise when you have deadlines looming but don’t want to stay in a stuffy office a minute more. Plus, getting away from the office can give you a brand new point of view for tackling a tough project. 

  • Make it real: If you need a more formal workstation than bellying up to the bar or counter, then find a nook where new cabinets can create a kitchen desk.
Woman sitting happily with her drink in her bright kitchen.
The kitchen doesn’t just have to be a shared space it can also be a place where you can relax and have a self-care day.
Image: Kitchens Unlimited


You’ll find that your kitchen might be the most relaxing and quietest space in the house, especially when everyone else is in the living room or bedrooms. The quiet times outside of mealtimes make it a great space to relax, whether you like to read, meditate, knit, stretch, or something else. If you want to go analog and escape from digital devices, try turning your kitchen in that space.

Family having a family night playing board games.
Have a family night in the kitchen and create a space for building family relationships.


Pull out the board games, card games, and other fun family activities and bring them to the kitchen. In the kitchen, your gaming can come with drinks and snacks without the worry of spills on the carpets or furniture in other rooms. Getting everyone together for more than just quick meal times is the best way to bond.

  • Make it real: Clear out a space in the cabinets for storing your favorite games.

Mom dancing and playing with her daughters in the kitchen. White kitchen cabinets and appliances with a Tiffany blue colored wall.
The kitchen is a creative space, make it a unique space to play with your kids.
Image: Bethany Allen Photography


Keep an eye on the kids (or pets) while you’re in the kitchen — use a spare cupboard to store kitchen friendly toys. This way, you can choose toys that are fit for the kitchen that’ll also keep your little ones (pets or kids) entertained while you get things done. Or maybe you’re the one who wants to do the playing while someone else works. That works, too! 

Those are the top ways our customers find new happiness in their kitchen. Do you use yours in a unique, new way?