Steps to Remodel Your Bathroom

Posted October 18, 2019 by Gracie DeSantis

Going the DIY route for a bathroom remodel is a big job, but we want to make it as easy as possible! While you don’t always have to complete tasks in a certain order, prioritizing specific projects will make it easier in the long run. Find out what you should tackle first during a bathroom remodel.

First 5 Steps

white and metal shower pan on a white surface
Remodeling your bathroom shouldn’t be a hassle, the right shower pan is just the first step.
Image: Best Bath

Replacing the bathtub or shower? Buy your bathtub or shower pans. These need to be specific sizes, so it’s easier to get these before doing anything. This way you know what size your framing and subfloor will need to be.

Wooden shower framing shower in the process of being built.
Framing is the foundation for having a sturdy shower.
Image: The Floor Lord

Make sure the framing fits your new bathtub or shower. If it doesn’t, reframe.

hands placing flooring to make the shower waterproof
Give your shower the extra boost by waterproofing the flooring.
Image: DIY Network

Complete sub-flooring for bathtub or shower to give a waterproof base.

diagram of the plumbing underneath a shower floor
Exit plumbing is essential in the functionality of the shower.
Image: Aeropaca

Complete any exit plumbing that is needed for the bathtub or shower.

a man and woman installing the shower
Piecing together the tub once the foundation and plumbing have been set is one step closer to the finished project.
Image: DIY Network

Install your new bathtub or shower.

Next 5 Steps

Once you’ve wrapped up the first five tasks, you can complete those smaller tasks. So what should you do next? We outline what we would tackle to complete the project.

plumbing and electric system for hot and cold water usage
Setting up the plumbing and electric are essential for a comfortable shower experience.
Image: American Standard

Complete rough in for plumbing and electric. Make sure your measurements are correct and your tub, sink, and toilet are exactly where you want them.

hands laying down wood flooring for the rest of the bathroom
Laying the sub-flooring makes the your tile placement easier.
Image: Ferma Flooring

Finish the rest of the sub-flooring for the bathroom. This layer ensures even tile placement down the line.

gloved hands laying down tile on grout
The best feeling is incorporating your tile to make it feel more like the bathroom is coming together.
Image: DIY Network

Lay tile for the floors. Double check your pattern, make sure the tile is sealed and grouted properly, and clean up any scuff marks.

A man measuring a wall to hang dry wall
Hanging drywall prepares you for the fun part of being able to decorate.
Image: DIY Network

Hang drywall, including the backboard for your shower, to lay a solid base for all your aesthetic updates.

hands adding tile to the shower.
Adding tile to the shower marks the final stage of putting together the shower.

Tile the shower. As with the floor tile, make sure your pattern is correct and everything is sealed properly.

Final 5 Steps

Now you can work on the rest of the aesthetics like your vanity, paint, and lighting. These finishing touches tie every aspect of your bathroom together.

A man adding final touches to the bathroom.
Adding the finishing touches makes the final project feel closer to completion.

Install your sink, toilet, and vanity. The rough in you completed earlier should make this an easy step.

A man updating plumbing fixtures.
Adding fixtures can add an extra touch of design to the bathroom.

Update fixtures and handles if necessary. If you didn’t get a new sink or vanity during your remodel, you can easily refresh your space with new handles for your cabinets and fixtures for your sink.

A hand painting the bathroom wall.
The long awaited step…painting.
Image: Cafe Mom

Paint your walls. You’ve probably been waiting for this step since the beginning of your remodel!

A nicely lit bathroom with a clean appearance and spa-like aesthetic.
Lighting seems subtle but it can make a huge impact.
Image: Ebay

Install lighting fixtures. LED bulbs save energy and emit even-colored and neutral light, so they’re a great fit for above your vanity.

An all white bathroom with a pop of floral accents adding for decoration.
Decorating is the final step to finishing a bathroom remodeling.
Image: Thistlewood Farms

Hang wall art and shelving. Use open shelving to display your bathroom essentials, such as cotton balls and cotton swabs, in glass jars for a functional and simple look.

Following this guide will help get you started on your DIY bathroom remodel. But if you need more we have extensive information on everything DIY, remodeling, and design in our blog and gallery!