Getting Spooky in the Kitchen: 5 Ideas for Celebrating Halloween DIY-Style

Posted October 16, 2019 by Katlyn Droke

Fall is here and that means one of the most fun times of year is also near: (no, not pumpkin spice lattes) it’s Halloween! It’s time for bats and ghosts, skeletons and witches, pumpkins and cobwebs, and more. These DIY ideas will help you convert your kitchen into a fun-filled Halloween zone. 

jack-o-lantern pumpkins for Halloween on an apron
Halloween entertaining has never been more fun!
Image: Grizz

Scary Cooking Aprons

Add a special flare to your October cooking with festive cooking aprons. Grab some plain aprons and plan out what your DIY looks should be. Want a jack-o-lantern? Cut out black pieces of felt and glue those onto an orange apron to make a happy, toothy pumpkin. Want to look a little witchy? Grab a black apron and use felt to craft some cobwebs, add a purple corset, and cut the bottom edge for a jagged look. With this DIY idea, you can become a spookified host for your Halloween entertaining.

  • You’ll Need: Cooking or workshop aprons to decorate. Felt in your color of choice. Fabric glue.

diy craft ghosts lights for halloween
Impress your guests with these spooky ghosts.
Image: Say Yes

Floating Ghosts

This idea lets you add spookiness without the scariness. These are fun little ghosts, and they’re so easy to make. You won’t have to be a pro DIYer to make them. An inexpensive lantern light combined with a tablecloth can make the perfect hanging ghost. Hang these from existing light fixtures, pan racks, or pot hangers. Consider adding a spooky vintage effect with the coarse texture of cheesecloth. 

  • You’ll Need: Your choice of tablecloth or cheesecloth. Felt for cutting out eyes and a mouth. Fabric glue. Inexpensive light lanterns or balloons. 

skeleton crafts for halloween easy DIY
“The head bone’s connected to the neck bone!”
Image: Shopee

Magnetic Bones

Invite the skeletons out of the closet and let them dance around on the fridge (or any metal surface). Sketch out a bone on white paper, then trace an outline of the same shape on the black paper. Cut each one out and glue to the white paper to the black paper so that each bone has an outline. Glue some magnets on the back of each bone, and you’ve got a fun skeleton to position on the fridge. This one is great for the kids! Let them learn about basic anatomy while making Mr. Skeleton dance.

  • You’ll Need: White and black paper. Small magnets. Lamination optional. 

paper mummies for a mummy craft Halloween
With decorations like this, your party guests are sure to dance like an Egyptian.
Image: The Decor Ideas

Make a Mummy

You can make a mummy out of anything in the kitchen: a chair, the refrigerator, a picture frame, and even cabinet doors. Find your mummy of choice, and wrap it with uneven strips of toilet paper. (We’re a bit partial to mummifying cabinets, ourselves.) Good old TP is actually the best way to create a fake mummy. Add some eyes to give it some personality, and you’re done! 

  • You’ll Need: Toilet paper (or rolled party streamers). Black felt for eyes. 

spooky bat craft for halloween decorations or party
Give the illusions bats taking wing out of your fireplace or window.
Image: Not On The High Street

A Flight of Bats

Make a bat kitchen takeover with black craft paper or felt: cut out a full flight of the little critters and tape them up taking flight across walls and cabinets. You could even make it look like your kitchen pantry is their cozy cave, and paste them up like they’re flying out for the night. 

  • You’ll Need: Black craft paper or felt. Wall-safe tape. 

These are just five ways to make your kitchen spookily fun in an affordable, DIY way. Plus, you never know what else this could inspire. Looking for something less spooky and more Fall? Take a look at our fall decor post.