Giving Your Kitchen a Fall Facelift: How to Refresh Your Life by Refreshing Your Kitchen

Posted October 3, 2019 by Katlyn Droke

As the summer starts to wind down, the weather starts getting cooler, and holiday season starts creeping closer, many homeowners find themselves in a little bit of a lull. Maybe there’s a lull because the kids are back in school, the vacations are over and there’s nothing to do. Or maybe we just need something new like a refresh to get energized for finishing the year on a high note. Either way, something needs to change. 

Where do you start? Well, one of the most-used rooms in the house would be a good place: that would be your kitchen. Now you just need to decide how far or deep you want to go with your updates. Here’s our “Low-Medium-High” scale for getting a much-needed fall refresh:

Fall kitchen decor on a shelf with rustic chickens, pumpkins, and a wreath.
A fall kitchen refresh can bring new life to your home.
Image: Target

Low Level: Decorate

If you want to feel refreshed, but maybe aren’t ready for more significant changes, you can still feel the spirit of fall with classy, on-trend decorations. They’ll make your space feel fresh and new, without taking too much out of your budget. Try one or two of these:

  • Fresh fall flowers – like zinnias, chrysanthemums, butterfly weed, calla lily, and cosmos will brighten up any space with a very fall feel
  • Unorthodox fall colors – get away from the oranges and yellows, and get more earthy with 2019’s trending shades, like cotton white, reclaimed wood brown, evergreen green
  • Incorporate old colors in new ways – copper items (like countertop canisters) add a touch of orange for fall in a modern way

Green stylish kitchen cabinets with marble statement stone waterfall backsplash. Rustic table and mid-century modern shelving.
Small updates can give you the feeling of a remodel with minimum effort.
Image: No Glitter No Glory

Medium Level: Upgrade

If new decor isn’t enough to make you feel refreshed or accomplished, then take it up a notch with a mini remodel. Changing one key component in your kitchen has the potential to utterly change its entire look and feel. See if your space could use any of these upgrades:

Cozy modern blue kitchen with accents of green and white cabinets and marble countertop
A kitchen overhaul can add value to your home and long-lasting beauty.

High Level: Remodel

Now if none of the other ‘levels’ do enough, this is the one that will definitely make the most impact. This is perhaps the best time of year to undergo such a big shift: it’s a period of downtime where life can usually get a little less hectic. Remodeling now creates a perfect kitchen for later — when you really need it. Like winter holiday festivities, or birthdays, or graduations, or any other get-togethers that involve your home.  

Consider these:

  • Go from mature to modern – new cabinets or flooring will bring an older kitchen into this decade
  • Upgrade to save – energy efficient appliances are an expense that will not only give your kitchen a new look, they’ll also help you save in energy costs 
  • Knock out a wall – a bigger kitchen could be as close as a knocked-out wall, but you won’t know until you spend time evaluating your space

What level resonates with you? No matter what level you’re pursuing, you’re sure to feel refreshed and energized in the fall. Visit one of our showrooms for fall-friendly inspiration or to speak to one of our expert designers and get some experienced help when taking the next step.