How to Maximize Storage in Your Kitchen

Posted September 18, 2019 by Katlyn Droke

Kitchens naturally have a lot of stuff: plateware, silverware, glassware, pots, pans, counter appliances, electronics, food, smart devices, and more. Fitting all the things you need in your kitchen can feel like a giant tetris game. But it doesn’t have to. But with clever storage solutions, you can get that glamorous, organized look of a magazine kitchen without sacrificing any of your favorite and well-used kitchen components. 

Check out our favorite ways to maximize kitchen storage with these kitchen storage hacks:  

Cabinets To Go spice rack 2019 Food Network Fantasy Kitchen
Pull-out racks are perfect for hiding away your essentials in a convenient spot.


This one isn’t a new hack by any means, but there is an art to arranging racks for maximize space. A pull-out spice rack, for example, is a great way to horde a ton of spices in a small space (while not spending half an hour trying to find the one you need).

Racks are also great for pots and pans, and a hanging rack can add a nice decorative flair to your kitchen (especially if you have beautiful copper or enameled pieces to show off).

baseboard toe kick drawer white shaker cabinets
Using traditionally “dead space” as a strategic storage location is a great way to make the most of your space.

Baseboard Drawers (Toe-kick Drawers)

Think about that small space under your base cabinets: the baseboard. You know, that space where the crumbs and dirt like to migrate. Why not put that dead space to use as something better than a dirt trap?

Imagine having a drawer there, where you can store baking pans, cutting boards, or other things that you may not use every single day.

It’s possible by building toe-kick drawers.

Ivory white raised panel cabinet kitchen with stainless steel dishwasher and indoor plants
The space above your cabinets is usually overlooked – but it is prime storage space!

Above-Cabinet Shelving

Many homes have an empty space above their wall cabinets, between the top of the cabinet and the ceiling. And many homeowners don’t really take advantage of this space, often resorting to using it for decorative purposes.

Add a shelf to the space, and you now have two rows of beautiful open shelving.

Put items here that you don’t use daily and will look nice on display.

pull out rolling shelves with kitchen appliances 2019 Food Network Fantasy Kitchen
Pull-out shelves keep all the things you need on hand without cluttering the countertop.

Rolling Shelves

Pull out shelves or trays inside cabinets make it easy to store as much as possible in the cabinet while still providing easy access to things. These also have a raised edge making sure that nothing falls off the shelf, too.

This is a very popular must-have feature that Cabinets To Go customers request when designing new kitchen cabinets with us.

Magnetic holder with set of knives on marble wall in kitchen
Magnetic strips keep your knives out of drawers and keeps them from getting dull.

Magnetic Strips

Magnets are your friend. Knife sets can be stored on the walls with magnetic strips. Spices can be placed in metal containers and hung on the wall with a magnetic strip.

This is also a very DIY friendly storage maximizer, and you can hang up almost anything that you can glue a strong magnet to.

Spice rack on cabinet shelf risers
Keep your spices in view with strategic shelf risers.


Think of a rise as a mini-shelf on top of your cabinet shelf. You may have even had one in your school locker when you were growing up. A plastic riser can maximize the ‘altitude’ of your shelf space without going through the hassle of installing another shelf, while keeping your space flexible and able to adjust to any sized item. These can also be a great way to organize pots and pans, preventing the typical avalanche that occurs when you need a pan at the bottom of the stack.

Mugs hanging on wall rack hooks above kitchen sink
Use your wall space for unexpected storage!


Think about where you can hang commonly used items, like coffee mugs. What if you placed command hooks on the underside of wall cabinets?

Hanging mugs here can increase storage while adding a unique decorative appeal to your space.

Hooks can do the same job inside cabinets, using valuable space on doors.

Oil and spice on turntable lazy susan kitchen counter
Keep your items in reach with a countertop turn table.


A turntable is the same thing as a ‘lazy Susan’, which spins to enable access to something. Normally these are used on dining tables so that everyone can get the condiment they want without bothering their neighbors.

But small turntables placed in cabinets will let you store more without having to unload everything just to reach an item in the back.

Now that’s how you squeeze more storage space into a kitchen. Take it further in your own home: try and see your kitchen from a new angle and you may even find more space that’s unique to your particular home. You never know what kind of dead space you’ll find that you can convert to storage.