Find the Perfect Floor to Fit Your Lifestyle

Posted July 31, 2019 by Katlyn Droke

With so many flooring options available, it can be hard to figure out which one is the perfect match for you, your family, and your home. So how can you narrow it down? Determine what your priorities are (whether beauty, durability, sustainability, or something else) and then consider the products that best fit those characteristics. To make it a little easier, we’ve compiled our customer favorites here. 

Find Your Flooring Fit:

Solid hardwood in a light wood stain
Prepare high-traffic rooms with the durability of solid hardwood.

Active Entertainer

When you need a showpiece for the gatherings you like to host, the timeless beauty of real hardwood from Gracious Home could meet your requirements. This flooring option has many smooth finishes that let the gorgeous wood grain shine, while maintaining all the durability and longevity of real hardwood. Gracious Home Hardwood utilizes their world-star designers to curate unique hardwood “looks”. From cool to warm tones, minimal to distressed texture, or satin to matte finishes — you’ll discover it’s easy to find a high-quality wood and customize it to fit your entertainment vision. Ultimately, your guests will be starstruck by the high-end look, without knowing that you were able to get this top-tier flooring affordably and within your budget. 

Dog running across a gray waterproof kitchen floor.
Life happens. Waterproof your floor with XRP flooring.

Daycare Deluxe

Whether you’re running a daycare, have a host of rowdy kids, or have a herd of pets, you’re lifestyle priority may be to have durable, sound-absorbing floors that can withstand years of hard use as your family grows. In that case, the extra-durable XRP flooring was made for you. XRP is known best for being waterproof, not just water resistant. It’s also scratch resistant, stable, and comes with a long warranty. It was made to handle anything that rambunctious little ones can throw at it. Feet or paws, cleats or ballet slippers, this floor was made for life well lived.

Talon engineered hardwood.
Engineered hardwood is your go-to sustainable flooring.


If sustainability is your tip-top priority, then consider the FSC-certified Talon flooring. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is a nonprofit that promotes responsible forest management and works hard to ensure wood is sustainably harvested. For Talon flooring, it means their flooring comes from sources that are proven to be environmentally viable and socially appropriate. And unlike other eco-friendly brands, you won’t be stuck with limited options: Talon offers a wide range of White Oak, Red Oak, Maple, and Hickory in a myriad of stains ranging from very light to very dark. Plus, it is guaranteed to have zero added formaldehyde so you and your family can breathe easier and without worry. 

waterproof flooring in a kitchen
If your home is located on the water, waterproof flooring is the way to go.

Aquatic Abode

Do you have a beach cottage, outdoor (or indoor) pool, river house, or some other waterside abode? Whichever waterside dwelling you have, the flooring you put in it should be as waterproof as possible. XRP Waterproof flooring is a truly, completely waterproof flooring option that is the perfect fit for homes that need heavy duty protection from water. With XRP, you won’t have to worry about water stains or warping wood when wet feet (or paws) pitter patter through your house. Most of all, it’s adaptable and looks beautiful in any style with gorgeous stone and wood.

Use those starting points to hone in on the perfect floor, and see where your flooring journey takes you from there. Flooring is a great way to add value to your home, and one of the things our customers discover is that investing in high-quality flooring can happen on a budget. At Cabinets To Go, there are so many customer-approved options that you can be sure to find the flooring that truly fits your lifestyle (and all within your budget).