10 Ideas for Kitchen Organization: How to Find Comfort in a Clutter-free Kitchen

Posted June 26, 2019 by Katlyn Droke

For a lot of people, organization makes the heart happy. Contentedness is found in creative collecting to prevent clutter. The word ‘clutter’ itself can send a shiver up anyone’s spines. And once clutter starts, it’s hard to get it under control. Things pile up, and pile up, and pile up. The kitchen you once loved starts to feel heavy. If you’re one of those people, don’t worry, we’ll stop saying the c-word. But we’ve made our point: unorganized kitchens can create negative vibes that make people want to run from it rather than relax in it.

Ultimately, taking full advantage of all kitchen space isn’t just about finding happiness in the home—it’s just plain smart. Here are just 10 kitchen hacks we recommend when we help kitchen renovators get the most out of kitchen space:

Cabinets To Go spice rack, as seen on Food Network’s Fantasy Kitchen Sweepstakes 2019.
Hidden-away spice racks are an easy way to add organization to a cluttered kitchen.

1. Spice Racks

Ok, this isn’t much of a ‘hack’ but it’s easy and often overlooked. Spice organizers can fit in both cabinets and drawers.

White pegboard hanging measuring cups and cooking utensils.
Embrace the utilitarian look with a pegboard for utensil organization. Image: Inspired By Charm

2. Pegboards

Not just for rugged garages! A clean-looking pegboard can help bring order to the chaos of pots, pans, and lids. Or even tupperware. Hide this pegboard in a pantry or line the floor cabinets with it. Plus, pegboard can be adjusted to fit any new items you acquire for your kitchen.  

Bleacher rack with spices lined up in a cabinet.
Stack up your kitchen essentials to see everything at once. Image: Amazon

3. Bleachers

While this has a weird name, it actually does look like the bleachers you see in football stands. Adding a tiered rack for food or dishes can maximize all the space in a cabinet, while making it easier to find some of the smaller, sneakier items that can get lost.

White kitchen counter with subway tile backsplash and open shelving.
Shelving is key when it comes to organizing a small kitchen. Image: My Domaine

4. Backsplash Shelf

Adding a shelf to the broad expense of a backsplash can add space where you most need it. It also takes the small, most-used items off the counter, clearing up more room for cooking. 

White subway tile wall with pots hanging with S hooks on a curtain rod.
Curtain rods are a stylish and efficient way to store your cookware. Image: Walmart

5. Curtain Rods

Get creative with extendable curtain rods inside your cabinets force chaotic items into order. They can hang dish towels, keep cutting boards or muffin tins upright, or even hang pots and pans with hooks added. 

Pot lids sitting in towel racks
Get creative by using unexpected items for multifunctional storage ideas. Image: Delish

6. Towel Racks

These are gaining momentum as pot lid holders, which never stack well or stay in place otherwise. Put them on the inside of doors or on cabinet walls. 

7. Shower Racks

Large or small, these can hang on cabinet doors and are great at holding up small things like soap or larger items like cleaning products — all without being hard to keep clean.

Kitchen shelving with baskets for storage.
Store items in baskets to add flair to an open shelving plan.

8. Baskets

A nice-looking basket can make ordinary items look more like decor, and more like they belong in that spot. The same can be said of decorative trays or vases. If you can’t hide, blend in! 

Lazy Susan in a kitchen cabinet.
Organize your kitchen cupboards with a Lazy Susan. Image: Taste of Home

9. Lazy Susans

Usually these are centerpieces on large tables to share condiments, but you can use them to organize your cabinets, too. Imagine a revolving array of spices that uses the depth of your cabinet to its advantage.

Magnet strip above a sink with kitchen utensils.
Display your kitchen utensils on the wall and clear up space in your drawers by using a magnet strip.

10. Magnets

Think of the items you might use every day: wooden spoons, can openers, measuring cups, and more. With a cleverly placed magnetic board/sheet and magnets added to those everyday items, they can be out of sight but always within reach. Not skittering around in a drawer or loosely hiding in a cabinet.

Now that’s how you add organization with less work. These aren’t the kind of organization tips that you’ll need to make a routine or habit out of. Once you’re set up, you’re done! You have achieved organization nirvana. Ultimately, if you have a lot of stuff to organize, take that into account when redesigning your kitchen. (Hint: Our experts can help!) We have several pre-built, easy-to-install kitchen organizers that add a polished touch to your kitchen.