See Cabinets To Go in the 2019 Food Network Fantasy Kitchen

Posted June 20, 2019 by Megan Corsano

The Food Network Fantasy Kitchen.
Kitchen, as seen on Food Network’s Fantasy Kitchen Sweepstakes 2019.

2019 Food Network Fantasy Kitchen: The Kitchen of Your Dreams  

This year, Food Network dreamed up their fantasy kitchen, and at Cabinets To Go we were honored to be included in that vision. Our modern cabinet was the perfect choice for this contemporary kitchen. The blend of colors and textures, as if out of a dream, effortlessly come together in an eye-catching combination. One lucky winner of the Food Network Fantasy Kitchen sweepstakes will win a cash prize of $250,000. Make your own fantasy kitchen a reality by entering for your chance to win now!  

The Metro White modern cabinets also made a great choice for the pantry off of the main kitchen space. The clean, sleek look of the cabinets made room for the eye-catching black marbled countertop and all the interesting décor lining the open shelving.   

A pull out spice rack in a drawer of a black cabinets in the Food Network Fantasy Kitchen.
Cabinet To Go spice rack, as seen on Food Network’s Fantasy Kitchen Sweepstakes 2019.

Organize Your Own Dream Kitchen  

The 2019 Fantasy Kitchen features Cabinets To Go’s top-selling accessories. Make each cooking endeavor a more enjoyable experience by setting up your kitchen to more easily access the essentials. A pull-out spice rack keeps all your cooking essentials conveniently located by the stove in an orderly fashion, so you’re able to whip up a masterpiece whenever the mood strikes. Utensil dividers are made of high-quality wood and create order out of cluttered drawers. Say goodbye to yet another frantic search through your drawers for that serrated knife. Request a free Cabinets To Go catalog now to see our complete range of products and kitchen organizers.  

A large, white pantry in the Food Network Fantasy Kitchen. Filled with kitchen supplies.
Pantry, as seen on Food Network’s Fantasy Kitchen Sweepstakes 2019.

The Heart of the Home  

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and creating that homey feeling where everyone will want to gather starts with the designing the perfect space. The 2019 Food Network Fantasy Kitchen is all about playing with texture while creating a comfortable room that you will want to try out those new recipes in. The thought-out details of this kitchen are all focused on creating efficiency for all your cooking endeavors. Check out this gorgeous and creative rolling butcher block island. It is specifically designed to give you more counterspace when you need it for an elaborate new recipe, or condense when you need to open up the room to accommodate dinner guests.  

Dark grey modern cabinets with vertical texturing.
Open cabinets, as seen on Food Network’s Fantasy Kitchen Sweepstakes 2019.

Sleek Modern Cabinets  

Chic meets sultry in this gorgeous kitchen. The Fantasy Kitchen features Cabinets To Go modern cabinets inManhattan Graphite and Metro White. The dark graining in the Manhattan Graphite cabinets are beautifully contrasted with the woven style of the island chairs. The dark coloring makes the light green walls lining the room stand out even more. The eye-catching design of the wall tiles draws you into the space instantly. Talk to an expert today to learn more about the Cabinets To Go collections to turn your kitchen into a culinary oasis.  

Whitewashed hardwood flooring in the Food Network Fantasy Kitchen.
Kitchen flooring, as seen on Food Network’s Fantasy Kitchen Sweepstakes 2019.

The Hardwood Flooring of Your Dreams  

To counter the bold colors and textures of the kitchen, Tiffany Brooks, the Food Network Fantasy Kitchen, designer chose the simple, whitewashed look of Talon’s White Oak flooring in the Casablanca stain throughout the main room. The 7-inch planks open up the look of the room to make space for the show-stopping colors and décor throughout the kitchen.    

The pantry features Talon Hard Maple in Zurich Coco, a rich and sophisticated stain that makes a bold statement.  

Left side, as seen on Food Network’s Fantasy Kitchen Sweepstakes 2019.

You Could Win the Cash Grand Prize  

Enter the Fantasy Kitchen sweepstakes now for your chance to win $250,000 to spend on your own dream kitchen.