Gift a Goat to a Family in Need with Your New Kitchen

Posted May 15, 2019 by Megan Corsano

You already know that buying a new kitchen at Cabinets To Go is a great choice for getting your dream kitchen at an unbelievable price. But now, you can feel even better about your purchase!

heifer international

Kitchens for Change

Cabinets To Go is proud to partner with Heifer International, using our kitchens to bring good to the world. With every new kitchen sold, Cabinets To Go and Heifer International will gift a goat to a family in need in a developing country. By providing these families with a real live goat and educating them on sustainable farming, they will have the resources to feed their family and strengthen their local economy.

For 75 years, Heifer International has been working with communities to end world poverty and hunger. The idea is simple: by providing communities is less-developed regions of the world with farming resources and education, you can transform the life of an entire village. Heifer trains people worldwide in sustainable farming practices and helps local farmers gain access to large-scale economic systems to further benefit and strengthen the entire community.

little girl feeding goats

Fight Hunger with Education

Cabinets To Go is excited to be working with Heifer International in their goal to end world hunger. A main focus of the organization is teaching communities around the world sustainable farming so that they can continue to feed their communities for generations. Their educational programs include anticipating local climate risks and making adjustments to practices in agricultural, as well as constructing water reservoirs and filtration systems based on local need and topography. These efforts help build up these communities and teach them ways in which their agriculture and livestock production can affect the local environment.

By providing a goat to a family in need in a developing part of the world, that family receives agriculture training and education. Their new goat can provide them milk, cheese, and butter for nourishment, can boost income through sales of extra milk and wool, and encourages better crop yields by creating fertilizer and clearing land.

Cabinets To Go is proud to be partnering with an organization working to create a better future for the world. And now, you can be part of that change as well. Learn more about how your new kitchen can be a force of change on our website.