Colors That Captured Our Attention: The Top Color Trends of 2019

Posted April 24, 2019 by Katlyn Droke

Close your eyes and think about your dream kitchen concept. What colors do you see?

If your dream kitchen needs a splash of color, then these are the shades to consider. At Cabinets To Go, we specialize in designing kitchen and bath spaces that people dream of, and we can’t do that without knowing what colors are in those dreams. That’s why we take a seat at the “roundtable” where kitchen and bath design trends of the future are discussed. That happens at an event called KBIS, the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show. It’s where the best and brightest of the industry converge to meet up, show off, and explore what’s coming next for the heart of the home.

Here are six colors that are the next big thing in kitchen design:

shades of evergreen
Elegant bottle green dining room with wooden table with black chairs and emerald green armchair and pouf

Evoke Nature with Evergreen

This dark, deep green brings nature indoors. Like tall evergreen trees in a verdant forest, try this color in a bold place that accents your dream kitchen: a wall or two, the backsplash, or even cabinets. With a dark color like this, it’s best to mix in some cream or pale brown tones for a balanced room. Imagine cream colored wood cabinets with a deep evergreen backsplash adding depth. Add a pine scented candle and you’ve got yourself a relaxing getaway at home.  Find your forest by adding evergreen into your dream kitchen concept in one of these ways:

  • Best for: Backsplashes
  • Loved for: Walls, Appliances, Dinnerware

tonal blues in the kitchen

Tone It Down with Tonal Blues

Pair these sky tones with earth tones for a balanced kitchen design that lasts. Blues in general don’t fade from fashion like other colors, and it tends to drive a positive reaction in guests. In fact, good old blue is the world’s favorite color, and sky tones are a new take on that. Imagine sky blue walls with soft white cabinets like fluffy clouds in a clear, true blue sky. Your dream kitchen can feel as wide as the sky when you incorporate these tones in one of these ways:

  • Best for: Walls
  • Loved for: Decor, Backsplashes, Appliances

matte black kitchen

Be Mysterious with Matte Black

True black is a deep and powerful color that elicits a feeling of intrigue, drawing people closer. It makes its presence known while also staying cohesive with any design. That’s why appliances have been trending toward black for years. And like other bold colors, you’ll need to be smart with it and mix it up with lighter tones. Imagine a butcher block countertop stained with black, where you can still make out the elegant whorls of wood adding depth to this favorite color. Bring your guests into the heart of your home in one of these ways:

  • Best for: Appliances
  • Loved for: Countertops, Sinks, Backsplashes, Cabinets (for very bold looks)

fresh mint in the kitchen
Dog lying on the floor in real photo dining room and kitchen interior with windows, wooden table with chairs, pastel lamp and neo mint fridge

Make People Happy with Fresh Mint

The color of happiness for 2019 is merry mint. It’s bright but not overwhelming, and won’t be an eyesore before your morning coffee hits. Mint is a way to wake up your house in a very subtle way. Imagine a happy accent wall complementing deep brown cabinets or a cream colored countertop. You really can’t go wrong with this color: try adding a touch of happiness in any of these ways:

  • Best for: Cabinets
  • Loved for: Appliances, Backsplashes, Furniture, Walls

aurora colors in the kitchen

Appreciate the Stars with Aurora

Aurora is a plum-like color that gets its inspiration from the awe-inspiring Aurora Borealis. This color brings in the brightest part of the night with all of its magic and wonder, filling your home with the same. Imagine this color as a backsplash that adds magic to dark night-colored cabinets, flooring, or countertop. Add a little aurora magic to your dream kitchen in one of these ways:

  • Best for: Backsplashes
  • Loved for: Accent walls, Accent cabinets, or Dinnerware

summer straw kitchen
Storage stand with ceramic and wooden kitchenware on light wall background

Soak Up the Sun with Summer Straw

Like bringing the white sands of the beach home with you, this tone keeps summer alive year round when you add it to the space you use most (your kitchen). We can definitely see the appeal, as this bright tone can really open up smaller spaces without feeling dated. Find your sun by adding this versatile color to your kitchen in one of these ways:

  • Best for: Appliances
  • Loved for: Backsplashes, Dinnerware, Countertops, Sinks

While these are the trends for 2019’s show, we can already see them coming to life in customer kitchens and lasting for decades to come. These were not the only colors taking the stage at KBIS, but we believe they are the ones that have staying power. These are not colors that you’ll tire of quickly. What color do you dream in?

Stop by a Cabinets To Go near you, and try on these colors for yourself in your dream kitchen.