What’s New In Kitchen & Bath: 4 Key Takeaways from the 2019 KBIS Trends Presentation

Posted April 17, 2019 by Katlyn Droke

Famous designers and top kitchen & bath manufacturers from around the world gather  in Las Vegas every year for one very important show: it’s KBIS, short for the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show. Manufacturers show off their best products, designers share their unique vision, and attendees decide what’s hot and what’s next in the kitchen & bath space. If you want to stay on top of what’s trending in kitchen and bath design, then KBIS is where you need to be. And that’s why we participate every year.

This year, we left the show with FOUR key takeaways about the future of kitchen & bath design:

Kitchen island with Nantucket colored off-white shaker cabinets, with large brown hanging lights and butcher block countertop.
Nantucket shaker cabinets make a perfect backdrop for rustic décor items, like these hanging lights and butcher block countertop.

Maker’s Mark

Design is going back to nature and celebrating handmade details. Natural materials like raw wood and stone are making their mark on the kitchens of tomorrow, offering a less “manufactured” and more “back to nature” look. Homeowners who move toward this style are less worried about symmetry and perfection, while starting to honor the little, subtle imperfections that add character to their kitchens and baths. These “maker’s marks” reflect handmade craftsmanship that leaves each piece feeling as unique and individual as a fingerprint. Like nature’s mark on the world.

How it’s reflected in kitchens & bath design: A little knot in the wood of a butcher block countertop, a small off-color mark on a quartz countertop, or a little asymmetry along the edges of drawers — these marks help tell the story of the space and it’s creation while also making it feel lived in and cozy.

White shaker cabinets above white tile backsplash, with door open showing shelves of plates, bowls, and cups.
Embrace the minimalist style with white shaker cabinets and a classic tile backsplash. Add your own touch with eye-catching details like these metallic door pulls.

Classic Spin

Minimalist design is still very much IN, and it’s not going away anytime soon. Minimalism has taken center stage for some years now, and it hasn’t even seemed to peak yet. The key to this style is powerful simplicity. Nothing should exist in the design if it doesn’t have a purpose, whether that purpose is emotional or functional. Another aspect that comes into play for minimalism is color: basic colors like pastels seem to be tied to this design approach. The softer colors seem to contribute to this simpler look, helping to elevate minimalism from boring to interesting.

How we see it being reflected in kitchens & bath design: Design that matters is what matters more. In terms of function, we’re seeing more clever, useful features like soft-close drawers, dedicated pot fillers, or on-counter appliance garages. When it comes to materials, homeowners are becoming more conscious of where their materials come from. When it comes to color, we’re seeing soft shades like Fresh Mint or Summer Straw.

Large living space with big plants, blue armchairs and vases lining the window.
2019 style is all about the eclectic; show off your quirky style by filling your home with items from your travels.

Earth Trotter

Cultural accent pieces add spots of delight. Homeowners are adding depth to their favorite spaces with storied pieces. Curation is key: as each piece added to a kitchen or bath must have an origin story (or at least a semblance of one). With this kind of style, light colored cabinets become a canvas for splashes of bright cultural decor. Decor with a story captures unforgettable memories and leaves your favorite spaces with a lot to say to your guests. Globetrotters rejoice — your style is highly sought after now.

How we see it being reflected in kitchens & bath design: Patterns and designs aren’t likely to match, but that’s a good thing. Seating is being upholstered with culturally pattern fabrics that remind homeowners of faraway places they’ve been. Accent walls with bright splashes of color and unique designs offer a focal point. Eclectic decor doesn’t match but is carefully curated: no picture frame looks alike, no pillow the same design, and even the dinnerware may be cleverly mismatched. But not too much: just enough to make an impact.

earthy hues kitchen

Fresh Form

Trending colors are very earthy, bold, and breathe life into rooms. The plum of aurora borealis, evergreen of deep forests, or sun-bleached straw in the summer — we’re seeing the popular shades come from earthly inspiration. Color also goes deeper and gets a little braver: designers and homeowners alike are getting bolder with dark colors, allowing it to own more space in a design. The fear of adding darkness to an indoor space is mitigated with clever design choices that make the darkness feel welcoming rather than enveloping.

How we see it being reflected in kitchens & bath design: Earthly shades are evoking peaceful vibes in both kitchens and baths. Matte black is a popular sink and faucet choice. Aurora is adding color to kitchen walls and seating. But even lighter earthy shades are shining: appliances in summer straw are brightening up rooms.

Are any of these trends in your dream kitchen or bath? If one of these strikes inspiration, visit your local Cabinets To Go to see how we can bring it to life.

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