Optimize Galley Kitchens with Small-Space Kitchen Solutions

Posted March 6, 2019 by Megan Corsano

Are you frustrated with your small kitchen? Struggling to find enough counter space and storage for kitchen necessities?

It’s all about optimizing space when it comes to a small kitchen. Have you thought about a galley kitchen? We find galley layouts an excellent choice: the compact design of two parallel counters gives you more counter space and heightened efficiency. These kitchens are all about the details—planning in advance will save you clutter and stress down the road.

Working with a single wall kitchen? Try adding an island fit with a sink or stove to the center of the room. With only a couple feet between your work space and the wall, you’ve doubled the surface area of your countertops.

Roll-out spice rack cabinet with spice jars on display
Spice rack cabinets are key for counter organization.

Free Up Your Counter Space

Maximize what counter space you do have by creating hiding spots for items that would usually take up space around the kitchen.

We all love to get creative in the kitchen, but after buying all that turmeric, coriander, and cardamom for a curry you only made once, jars can really pile up. This creates chaos for your kitchen shelves. Opt for a lazy susan cabinet in the corner of your galley kitchen to conveniently organize items that usually just create clutter.

Alternatively, try a door-mounted spice rack or even a spice rack base cabinet to hide away that collection of spices while keeping them located right where you need them for cooking.

A roll-out tray is another key way to create more space for essential items in high traffic areas. Or, get creative and use one of these trays to store your less-frequented appliances like mixers and food processors. How often are you actually using that juicer anyways? At Cabinets To Go, we have a variety of options for your cabinet style of choice.

Large mirror on a white wall
Make any room instantly appear bigger by hanging a mirror.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

This is an old trick, but it works. Hanging a mirror in a small space opens the room up and gives the illusion of more space. Even in the kitchen, this hack helps.

Shelves hanging above a kitchen counter displaying wine glasses, colanders, and coffee mugs.
Encasement shelving, as seen on Food Network’s Fantasy Kitchen Sweepstakes 2018.

It’s All in the Shelving

Shelves are your best friend in a galley kitchen. It’s a simple solution, but an important one. When choosing the cabinets for your galley kitchen, taller is better. Then, make the most of all that vertical space with shelves.

Wooden kitchen utensils hanging from a rod along a tile backsplash.
Hang your kitchen utensils for a combination of style and function.

Hanging Kitchen Utensils

Don’t forget about all that extra space on the sides of your cabinets. Using nails or a hanging rod, hook your larger kitchen utensils or even pots and pans up on the wall to make sure that none of your galley kitchen goes unused. This should also be considered for the backsplash next to your stove—a great and unexpected spot to hang extra spatulas or large spoons.

Kitchen sink with dishing drying next to it.
A split sink gives your space to wash and dry your dishes without compromising counter space.

Essential Sink Design

When it come to the sink in a small galley kitchen, a split sink design gives you the option to use one side for a dish drying rack. This way, you aren’t using space on the counter. Plus, it eliminates the mess of water draining onto your counter or off into a drain tray.

When organizing a small space like a galley kitchen, strategic planning is essential. Cabinets To Go offers a variety of accessories and cabinet designs to optimize your small space for maximum efficiency. Think of our Kitchen Experts as your kitchen hack gurus.