A Closer Look at 2020 Kitchen Design

Posted January 31, 2019 by Gracie DeSantis

See your new kitchen come to life before your remodel even begins with a 2020 kitchen design. 2020 is a 3D rendering software. This tool creates a model of your kitchen and is loaded with every single product in the Cabinets To Go inventory.  Basically, we’re building the blueprint for your new kitchen.

A Cabinets To Go step-by-step measurement guide helps get a free 2020 kitchen design started.
Find our step-by-step measurement guide online or request a Spring 2019 catalog for a print version.

How it Works

Every consultation begins with a simple phone call or email. Find your local Cabinets To Go showroom to meet with an expert designer.

Expert Designers do require a few basic measurements to tailor the 2020 kitchen design to your home. But don’t worry! These don’t have to be exact, and we also have a step-by-step guide that makes this a breeze. Bring your measurements to your scheduled consultation, and our Expert Designers will take it from there. They will build a 3D model of your kitchen including walls, doorways, appliances, etc.

Next, a Cabinets To Go Designer will introduce our great selection of premium cabinets, countertops, flooring, and finishing touches. They will sit down with you to plug these features into your 3D rendering so you can see your choice of every product down to the molding and hardware as it would be in your real-life kitchen. And, with this technology, designers can show you customizations in real time. Never again worry if you made the right choice. Switch between colors and styles in the blink of an eye.

Store associate helping a customer design her dream kitchen with 2020 kitchen design software.
You dream it, we design it! 2020 kitchen designs with Cabinets To Go are always free.

Why We’re Different

Other design studios may offer 3D kitchen design services, but not often are they complimentary. At Cabinets To Go, your 3D kitchen rendering is always absolutely FREE. Plus, we encourage you to shop around. You will be able to take your 2020 kitchen design, measurements, and quote with you when you leave. Most other retailers will not allow you to walk out with your measurements to prevent you from comparing prices. But we are confident in the quality and price of our products and are happy to give them to you. All the time, customers return to their Cabinets To Go Designer more than satisfied with our prices to continue with their kitchen remodel. But, if you don’t, we are happy to have helped you get closer to making your dream kitchen a reality.

Save the surprises for the guests at your reveal party. Call to schedule a consultation and FREE 2020 kitchen design. You dream it, we design it.