A Kitchen Inspired by the Pacific Northwest

Posted January 11, 2019 by Gracie DeSantis

You can’t go wrong with modern cabinets. Their simple design is versatile, and their construction makes them an economical choice. Plus, the designers at Cabinets To Go also know how to make simple modern cabinets look absolutely gorgeous. Take, for example, this modern kitchen inspired by the Pacific Northwest’s deep forests, misty mountains, and rocky seasides that pull at the hearts of visitors and locals alike.

Modern wood tone cabinets and natural flooring with decor inspired by the Pacific Northwest.
Charleston Driftwood modern cabinets are perfect for a Pacific Northwest kitchen design.

Driftwood Cabinets

Don’t let their name fool you, the Cabinets To Go Charleston Driftwood modern cabinets may be named after a Southern city, but they are perfect for this kitchen design inspired by the landscape and architecture of Washington state and British Colombia. The warm grey tone with a vertical grain possesses a natural beauty and reminds one of ancient trunks washed up on chilly stone beaches.

Casual dining room with natural wood floor and teal decor.
Natural wood looks are the ideal flooring choice for this design.

Natural Floor

Natural wood looks are crucial for incorporating the raw and natural feel of this design.  Find ideal styles for this kitchen style in both completely waterproof XRP and durable Talon hardwood (like the Hickory option featured here).

Dark, metallic, cabinet hardware.
Choose knobs and pulls in dark metals to complete this look.

The Perfect Finish

To bring in the industrial feel of a modern cabin, opt for modern pulls in a dark metal to finish the look.

Rich teals are reminiscent of the deep lakes and oceanfronts, all surrounded by dark tree lines. Chose this color for décor accents seen here in the backsplash and dinette furniture. Also seen in the backsplash are geometrical patterns which are an excellent design choice for this kitchen. Simple geometric shapes, like hexagons, evoke the order and symmetry of nature.

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