Selecting art for your home is a fun, yet challenging, way to express your personality. When you consider the sheer amount and variety of art available, you may find yourself overwhelmed with all the options. On the topic of kitchen and bathroom art, these suggestions can be broadly applied to anywhere in the home. These simple tips will guide you through the process of art selection and maybe even inspire you to redecorate with a new theme.

A simple concept about home art is that the theme should fit the motif of the space. If you have a modern kitchen with dark and refined kitchen cabinets, such as the Findley & Myers Knob Hill Espresso collection, your art should have a similar feel. That could mean abstract art with sleek and clean lines or interesting photographs of food. Many of the most popular kitchen styles, such as Mediterranean, country farmhouse or beach cottage, are specific enough that your art theme is practically chosen for you.

Since the kitchen is usually the most full room of the house, your wall space will be limited. Appliances and kitchen cabinets take up quite a bit of wall space, so be sure to take accurate measurements of what’s available. You should also take the color scheme into consideration. If you have an existing color scheme, stick with it but don’t go overboard. You want the colors of your painting or photos to be an accent, not the main focus.

Another question to ask yourself is, do you want multiple smaller pieces or one large one? When selecting art for your home, this question applies to both the kitchen and bathroom. If you have the wall space available, one large piece of framed artwork makes a bold statement. If you don’t have much wall space to work with, several smaller pieces can be assembled for an equally bold statement. Art does not just mean paintings or prints, either. You can use decorative bowls, vases, or other accessories to liven up the space.

When selecting art for your home, you may not realize that you need to protect your art from the elements. Particularly within the kitchen, if you’re going to hang anything on the wall, make sure that you have it framed. Heat, grease, and water make frequent appearances, and can damage your art if it is not housed safely inside a frame.

Choosing art for the bathroom is a similar process, although it can be slightly more restricted as the bathroom is usually a smaller space. When selecting art for your home, you don’t necessarily need to carry the same theme throughout the house. The bathroom, for example, is often decorated with an aquatic theme. That could mean frogs, ducks, fish, or even just the color blue. Any of those choices would pair well with white bathroom vanities, such as the Belita 72″ double vanity.

You don’t usually spend more than a few moments in the bathroom. However, these moments are generally personal and a time to collect yourself. The atmosphere of the bathroom should be a calm and relaxed one. You can enhance that effect with the art you choose. Similar to the kitchen, you should also consider the placement of bathroom vanities and other fixtures that limit the space available.

Art is a reflection of your interests and passions. Be creative and personalize your space. Choosing a theme narrows the process down, but you still have plenty of wiggle room to choose art that will make the room your own. Selecting art for your home is an exciting process that will allow you to explore different kinds of art. After all, the road to finding the right art for your home promises to take you along the scenic route.