06/5 2014

5 Great Bathroom Ideas On A Budget

bathroomideasonabudgetIf your bathroom is out-of-date or if you just want to change things around without breaking the bank, bathroom ideas on a budget are just what you need. The great thing about updating bathrooms is that there are plenty of inexpensive ways you can enhanceREAD MORE

06/2 2014

Style Inspirations: Italian Cucina

Italian CucinaAh, Italy! A land of great food and beautiful vistas. What better place to explore your culinary talents than in your very own Italian cucina? Not all of us have the luxury of moving to Italy, but therein comes the beauty of home design! ByREAD MORE

05/29 2014

4 Reasons You Need To Try Glass Kitchen Cabinets

Glass Kitchen CabinetsLooking for a way to change up your style? Have you thought about using glass kitchen cabinets in your home, but weren’t sure how they’d look? Glass has a multitude of advantages that, unfortunately, aren’t always shown on your average home design channel. We’ve decided to changeREAD MORE

05/26 2014

5 Essential Kitchen Design Trends For 2014

Kitchen Design TrendsLooking for what’s new this year in kitchen design trends? Curious about how you can bring some modern flair to your kitchen cabinets? Well look no further! We’ve put together a list of the top five most essential design trends for your reading pleasure. TakeREAD MORE

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05/20 2014

5 Awesome DIY Organization Ideas

DIY OrganizationKeeping things organized in your home isn’t always easy. DIY organization tips can really help you maintain a clean kitchen or bathroom, and let you make the most of the space in your kitchen cabinets. We’ve put together some easy to implement ideas for yourREAD MORE

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05/18 2014

5 Easy DIY Home Repair Tricks

DIY Home Repair 1DIY home repair is one of the best ways to save money when taking care of your home. A repairman can fix just about any problem, but the cost often isn’t worth it if you can fix the problem yourself. We’ve put together a listREAD MORE

05/16 2014

The 4 Elements of Modern Kitchen Lighting

Modern Kitchen LightingModern kitchen lighting has become an art all its own. Making your personal cooking space not only functional, but also stylish, is a truly fulfilling experience. The key to a beautifully lit kitchen is blending four lighting elements: ambient, workplace, decoration, and accent. Below isREAD MORE

05/15 2014

Style Inspiration: Turquoise and White Kitchen

turquoise and white kitchenThere’s a new color combination that’s springing up this season along with the flowers. The bright and airy mix of turquoise and white on kitchen cabinets just seems to give a room a warmth all its own, and is great for welcoming the warm weather. WeREAD MORE

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05/12 2014

The Best Kitchen Gadgets For Grilling

Best Kitchen GadgetsSome of the best kitchen gadgets out there aren’t just for use indoors. With the warm weather upon us, there are many wonderful opportunities for firing up the grill and trying out some of those cooking skills outside. To help give you some ideas forREAD MORE

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05/9 2014

3 Easy Lessons For Learning How To Caulk

How to caulkKnowing how to caulk is great for saving on energy bills. Unsightly cracks and gaps leak air, causing a home to be hotter or colder than it should. While any home repair seems daunting at first, a little bit of know-how can make anyone anREAD MORE