Has the need for style in your home finally caused you to consider an inexpensive bathroom remodel? With effective planning, smart material selection and help from Cabinet To Go, the process can be easy and rewarding. Learn how you can maintain a low project cost, while still injecting a sense of luxury into your bathroom.


Whether for the decorative touch or as a storage necessity, bringing new shelving into a bathroom can be a lifesaver. Add to your inexpensive bathroom remodel by finding a piece that will offer both display space and keep washroom necessities hidden. Shower caddies, cubby shelves and combo bath towel shelves will keep the room organized and stylish.

Ceramic Tile

Dingy tile and flooring is one of the most noticeable assets of a bathroom in need of renovation. The general cost of ceramic tile can run anywhere from $3 to $50 per square foot, so knowing your product is important. Look for a durable tile and keep your design limited to ensure a lower cost by eliminating easy mistakes.


Many bathrooms have low light levels because of a distinct lack of an overhead lighting fixture. Instead of relying solely on bathroom vanity lights, install a second switch for a new overhead light that can be turned on and off at will. Having multiple layers in a room will help to develop a more lavish feel to any room.

Bathroom Vanities

Sometimes stepping up your style doesn’t necessarily mean increasing your budget. At Cabinets To Go, our bathroom vanities come in an array of styles, finishes and materials, but the prices won’t force you to break the bank. Whether you prefer glass or ceramic bases, dark or light finishes or even double vanities, our selection of products will fit your home’s needs.










If you’re waiting for your dream bathroom to come to fruition, it will never appear unless you take the efforts to plan ahead. Revitalize your home with an inexpensive bathroom remodel by outfitting the room with a new bathroom vanity and additional stylish accents. Remember, just because the room looks good, doesn’t mean it cost a lot to make it look that way.