Whether organizing your thoughts or showing off your finished project, there are home remodeling apps for nearly every aspect of any renovation. Before you go scrolling all over your app store, check out this breakdown of some of the best handheld tools and see what fits your need. Read on to discover how these apps for your smartphone or iPad can provide you with handy tips for meeting your budget and stylistic vision.


HomeRemodelingApps4After checking out the Cabinets To Go guide to Houzz, download the app for your iPad or iPhone and hit the home decorating site for ideas. Whether seeking inspiration for kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanities, Houzz features over 325,000 original photos of unique remodels and renovations. Find your style and set out creating your dream room.

Kitchen Planning Guide

HomeRemodelingAppsTrying to find a place to store your kitchen cabinet measurements? The Kitchen Planning Guide app offers a user-friendly way to manage your project, whether you are a contractor, flipper or homeowner. Once you’re done working, the app continues to keep your new kitchen organized by managing useful user info.


HomeRemodelingApps2Matching colors and creating palettes are an important part of developing the style of any kitchen or bathroom. By downloading ColorSchemer, you instantly have access to over 1 million palettes created by app users and the ability to sync up potential paint colors with other important room elements. Don’t settle for mismatched combinations and work to create a connection between each piece of your renovation.


HomeRemodelingApps1If you have ever tried to make sure a surface was flat, you have probably wished that you had a level to get the job done right. With the Level app, there is no more searching around for where you last left your tool as your iPhone can instantly become a measuring device. No more second-guessing — the measurement is right the first time.


HomeRemodelingApps3Inspiration doesn’t always flow and sometimes you can get stuck on what to do for your remodel. A similar app to Houzz, Remodelista is an online sourcebook that will help break down your designer’s block. From furniture and faucets to kitchens and bathrooms, organize your remodel ideas into simple folders that will keep your project moving forward at the right pace.

Staying on top of your renovation is the easiest way to make sure that you accomplish your goals and don’t go over budget. Using these home remodeling apps to create the perfect room is simple. Then, after the renovation is over, they can also afford you the ability to take pride in sharing your hard work with other users.