Uncork the Wine Lover’s Kitchen

Posted January 11, 2019 by Gracie DeSantis

Sometimes, the best thing about cooking is the wine you pair with your meal. We at Cabinets To Go understand the bliss of uncorking a delicious Merlot at the end of the day, and our expert designers are ready to make the wine lover’s dream kitchen come true.

Keep It Cool

Think about investing in a wine cooler or small beverage refrigerator to sit under the counter or island. Come talk to one of our expert designers about a kitchen design to accommodate your new-found chill.

Designed with You in Mind

Did you know Cabinets To Go carries racks specifically designed to hold wine glasses and bottles? These specialized cabinets come in finishes to match almost any of our cabinet styles.

Save the Cork

There are a hundred ways to repurpose discarded corks into gorgeous décor. Cut them in half and glue them together to make coasters, potholders, and pinboards. It’s a fun and easy hack for personalized flair.

Waste Not, Want Not

What’s more tragic than a half-empty bottle left open from last night’s dinner party? Or that new Shiraz you really wanted to try that didn’t live up to the label? The answer is simple. Cook with it! Search online or grab a cookbook to learn how to utilize that wasted wine.

Bottle Service

A wine bottle isn’t worth much once it’s empty, but sometimes it can be sad to toss the bottle in the recycling bin like a hastily chugged lite beer. Save the bottles that remind you of wonderful evenings. Rise them well and fill with flowers or fairy lights. They make excellent bookends and centerpieces.