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04/22 2014

How To Remove Bathroom Tile

How To Remove Bathroom TileWhen it comes time to think about how to remove bathroom tile, you want to be prepared. There’s nothing that can turn a happy morning shower sour more quickly than the sight of funky and grimy tile. If you keep your bathroom vanities and towels cleanREAD MORE

04/18 2014

Colorful Home Accessories For Spring

Colorful Home AccessoriesIf you love colorful home accessories, there’s no time like the springtime. Pops of color in the home perfectly complement the warm weather and bright sunshine of the spring season. Whether you highlight black kitchen cabinets or countertops with brightly colored counter décor or offset whiteREAD MORE

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04/17 2014

How To Create The Perfect Multipurpose Room

Multipurpose RoomSometimes a multipurpose room is just what you need to make the most out of the space in your home. If you’re worried about a space shortage, you can combine a few aspects of multiple rooms into one and use the newly opened space forREAD MORE

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04/14 2014

How To Reimagine Your Kitchen Space

New Kitchen IdeasHunting down new kitchen ideas might seem intimidating, but you can make it fun by looking for inspiration in all the right places. Sometimes it can be difficult to look past the current set-up of appliances and kitchen cabinets in this important room, and you couldREAD MORE

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04/10 2014

Guide To Cleaning and Preventing Bathroom Mold

Bathroom MoldBathroom mold can be deadly if it’s not dealt with in a proper fashion. One tiny spot of mold can quickly become hazardous if not handled. Removing mold from certain areas may be a little trickier than others, but it’s important to do so inREAD MORE

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04/9 2014

House Plants Safe For Cats and Dogs

Houseplants Safe For Cats DogsIf you have pets and want to add a little greenery to the indoors, house plants safe for cats and dogs are a must. These types of plants are non-toxic to animals while also benefitting your home in general! From improving air quality to decoratingREAD MORE

04/7 2014

Style Inspiration: Americana Bathroom

Americana BathroomGet the look of an Americana bathroom just in time for summer. If you’re thinking about changing up the design or color scheme in your bathroom and you need some inspiration, the modern rustic feeling of the Americana theme is classic and timeless. Start with theREAD MORE

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04/4 2014

What Colors Make A Room Look Bigger?

What Colors Make A Room Look Bigger If you’ve ever wondered what colors make a room look bigger, you’re certainly not alone. Choose the wrong color for a small space, and it can make the room seem even more cramped. Two rooms that always benefit from feeling and looking bigger are theREAD MORE

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04/3 2014

Selecting Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Kitchen Cabinet HardwareKitchen cabinet hardware is a more interesting style component of your kitchen cabinets than you might initially think. While the color and finish of the wood are often what people focus on, the hardware is just as aesthetically important. Whether the style of your kitchen isREAD MORE

04/1 2014

Intriguing Wall Decoration Ideas For Your Kitchen

Wall Decoration IdeasYour kitchen needs art too, and that’s where our wall decoration ideas come in. When pairing wall décor with your kitchen cabinets and open wall space, there are a few things to consider. The placement of the art, the style of your cabinets, and the naturalREAD MORE